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ASIATEK Micro-Systems.Ltd
66 Mody Road, Tsimshatsui East, Kowloon     Hong Kong   - Hong Kong.
ASIATEK Micro-Systems.Ltd
  66 Mody Road, Tsimshatsui East, Kowloon
  Hong Kong
  Hong Kong

  [email protected]

Asiatek Micro-Systems is an Offshore Software Development specialist that combines the definite bottom-line benefits of Offshore Outsourcing with its recognized expertise in strategic global models that help it in providing reliable Outsourcing Software Development Solutions. The services offered cover Custom Software Development, Application Development, Web Application Development, Agile Software Development, Software Outsourcing, Ecommerce web site design, Web Marketing, Website Design and Software Maintenance. Our goal is to deliver premium quality software development services and products while giving unmatched value to enterprises worldwide at an affordable cost. Over the years of experience, Asiatek Micro-Systems has achieved a prominent position of an expert Outsourcing Software Development Company in China . Our transparent, efficient and flexible world class software development process zero downs risks of project failures and creates powerful software solutions that meet present as well as future demands.

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ASIATEK Micro-Systems.Ltd
66 Mody Road, Tsimshatsui East, Kowloon   Hong Kong   ,Hong Kong
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